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The echo chamber of the mainstream political right has taken a cue from the historical revisionists on its fringe who have turned Holocaust denial into a cottage industry.  One of many things mainstream right-wing pundits share is a remarkable ability to focus on the same talking points, delivered in their personal style. This consistency is a key ingredient of their success in winning the hearts and minds of an alienated, demoralized, US working class.  No, the recent alliance between the Christian Right and neo-conservatives, as well as other unconditional defenders of the Israeli state and general Muslim-haters has broken down, but they instead seek to capitalize on popular ignorance and a failed education system to revise the political spectrum as it has existed since the wake of the French revolution.

There is a concerted effort by the right-wing to portray orthodox right-wing ideologies of the 20th century, such as Hitler’s National Socialism and Mussolini’s Fascism as left-wing ideologies, using pundit/comic Jonah Goldberg’s shrill polemic Liberal Fascism as about 99% of their source material. This is quite the feat of mental dexterity, considering their frequent use of the kind of red-baiting emotional politics that gave rise to the real fascist movements of the past.

Filmmaker, Adam Curtis, has done a great job of charting the parallel courses of political Islam and neo-conservatism in his outstanding BBC documentary, The Power of Nightmares. Maybe it isn’t a stretch for people like the Taliban and mega church crowd, who believe their sacred texts are to be taken literally, to interpret the names that other homicidal father figures give to their movements and parties literally. It reminds me of a line from This is Spinal Tap, where David St. Hubbins says, “I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn’t believe anything. ”

Another important component of fundamentalism is a lack of context and a dualistic, black and white view of reality.  Therefore, National Socialism is considered a left-wing ideology, since the word “Socialist” is in its name. The word “National” is to be disregarded. Although in their defense, even I have to wonder if the “Republic” in People’s Republic of China refers to their brutal, state capitalist economy, of the kind favored by the GOP and Wall Street. Given their mutual fetish for heavy-handed “law and order”, productivity, and environmental devastation, maybe Mao was inspired by the Republican Party?

Given my morbid fascination with right-wing media, not a weekday goes by where I don’t hear the syndicated (from syndicalism?) right-wing pundits state that their hyper-nationalist myths are simply ‘good American exceptional liberty as favored by baby Jesus and the Founding Fathers’. Reagan/Thatcher conservatism are billed as the only right-wing ideologies, and every other political, social, or economic belief is ‘leftist’ or ‘Marxist’.  They quickly threw Polpalwaski under the bus, despite the similarity of their belief systems and rhetoric. The upsurge in putsch rhetoric that accompanies the election of Democratic president in the US, has been exacerbated by the racial and ethnic divisions that have been used by elites to manipulate the masses.

A simple way to figure this out for confused pundits who actually interested in accuracy, which is probably none of them, is using the Spanish Civil War. The Republican side-anarchists, communists, and social democrats are the left and the right wing is the Loyalist side-Fascists, Nazis, Clergy, Nobility and landowners.