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Struggling local musicians join current and aspiring politicians are the latest individuals to attempt to exploit the Stanton Heights shooting for personal gain. Rusted Root, an awful hippie world beat/jam band who enjoyed some local popularity in the 90s and Joe Grushecky, blue collar rocker famous for knowing Bruce Springsteen, join awful. canned country from former Povertyneck Hillbillies, young  rapper Whiz Khalifa, and assorted has-beens, never-weres, and cover bands for a May 25 concert billed as: Fallen Not Forgotten: Memorial Benefit Concert for the Fallen Police Officers. One need not possess a finely honed sense of irony to notice that the relationships between police, and hippies, rappers, and the working class have historically been strained, to say the least. This contradiction is irrelevant for publicity seeking musicians, their managers, and promoters.

Members of local vigilante group, Lawrenceville United were the first to use this incident for publicity for Tony Ceoffe’s bid for magistrate. Mr. Ceoffe wasted no time in cranking out a letter to the editor of the local paper to make sure he could get a little publicity for his campaign. This would seem innocent enough or part of the regrettable human tendency to kiss up to power, but not where this publicity/power hungry vigilante is involved.

A more repulsive publicity stunt was pulled off by this non-profit lynch mob when the right-wing gunman’s grandmother, who was already a victim of her family associations with this nazi kook, who couldn’t have been fun to live with, chained herself to the railing of the now boarded-up house where the shootings took place and began chain smoking and praying with her cat, wrapped in a Steelers blanket. A pathetic scene to say the least.

Publicity Stunt by Local Vigilante Group

Publicity Stunt by Local Vigilante Group

The scene became even more pathetic with the arrival of Jenny Skrinjar, sister-in-law of deceased former Mayor O’Connor’s, hype man, Dick Skrinjar. Bulldog impersonator, Miss Skrinjar (I can’t call an old lady “Jenny”)  the president of the Lawrenceville United vigilante group, whose relationship with Ceoffe is uncharacterized, but they seem pretty close, is not one to waste a chance to be on TV. She showed up with another scary looking woman an crude scary. memorial wreaths, who told the media:

“The focus needs to be on these police officers. She just wants attention, and she’s trying to direct attention away from them.”

Miss Skrinjar’s companion could be referring to herself and the former hairdresser. The local media coverage was non-stop. It was never about anything but the cops. These sad women needed attention and to make it about them.

We are second-class citizens when police are involved and the court proceedings have been no exception. DA Zapalla has made a career of reminding citizens their lives matter less than those of police officers, for whatever higher political aspirations he may have, and gag orders were denied so that the police and politicians could make their case to the public, in the name of memorial services. Governor Rendell, of course, wants this to pretext to make the shooter’s paranoid gun-grab fantasies come true.

Last and certainly least, local rich boy neo-nazi, who “only” killed a civilian and whose wealthy family could pay for legal representation and get him off, also found his way back into the spotlight, with features in the local media. Hopefully, in the future, the police will think twice about the protection and bus rides they give to neo-nazi demonstrators, as their relationship has seemed convivial in the past.  For once I was pleased to see them beat someone until their head looked like a beach ball.