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The word ‘”fascism” has been overused to the point that it has little relation to its original meaning, like when the right-wing refers to the moderate Republicans known as “Democrats”, as “socialists”.Well, a UNC-Chapel Hill student organization is apparently attempting to reclaim it. The Youth for Western Civilization, which proudly bills itself as “America’s (sic) Right-Wing Youth Movement” on their website. When I first heard the name, I thought they were merely concerned with making sure Western Civ. was on the curriculum. They make no excuses for their embrace of fascist ideology and symbolism, even using the fasces, the Roman symbol of State power and authority, which was generally embraced by governments, even after its adoption by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini as a name for his movement, which he sought to connect with Imperial Rome.

Logo of campus fascist group, Youth for Western Civilization

Logo of campus fascist group, Youth for Western Civilization

Here is their unapologetic mission statement:

Our mission

Youth for Western Civilization will educate, organize and train activists on campuses across the nation to create a culture that will promote the survival of Western Civilization and pride in Western heritage. This movement is focused on the support of Western history, identity, high culture, and pride and opposition to radical multiculturalism, political correctness, racial preferences, mass immigration, and socialism.

What Is Youth for Western Civilization?

Youth for Western Civilization is the West’s right wing youth movement. This is an organization for students who believe Western Civilization is moving in the wrong direction and want to do something about it. This is for people who are proud to be members of the West and want to work in defense of their people, culture, and traditions.

This will include hosting speakers and debates, hosting and attending conferences, holding protests and educational events, producing publications, creating social events, and all other activities that will further the organization’s mission.

What We Want to Accomplish

We want a campus movement that will accomplish three things:

1. Inspire Western youth to organize on the basis of pride in their American and Western heritage, and counter radical multiculturalism on campus.

2. Counter and ultimately defeat leftism on campus by pushing the activist agenda, changing college policies in a conservative or right wing direction, and restoring a curriculum that focuses on Western history, not political correctness.

3. Create a social movement on campus where a right wing subculture — similar to the left wing subculture that currently exists — will provide a healthy alternative to a poisonous and bigoted left wing campus climate.

Our long term strategy

Initially, we would like to set up as many active campus chapters as possible that will host events such as speakers, debates, and protests.

In the medium term, we want these groups to run for student governments, defend against left wing organizations and create new groups. We also want to change the social atmosphere of the school, with YWC becoming the focus of social life at the school as well as political activism.

In the long term, we want the majority of students to leave college more right wing than when they arrived. Eventually, we would like to start changing curriculum on campus to restore an emphasis on real education and classical learning, rather than trendy multiculturalism.

In the US, the elites tend to avoid an outright connection with fascism, for a more nuanced approach, unlike the cosplay and Hitlerism of right-wing organizations that encourage working people to betray their class interests.  One such organization by and for the children of the elites, Protest Warrior avoided connections to historical fascism, as they correctly noticed that it ran contrary to their unconditional support of the state of Israel. Protest Warrior did not last very long, as the working class right-wing did not “get the joke”, resulting in physical confrontation by their allies. The anarchist tradition of direct confrontation with fascists was also problematic for the Protest Warrior movement, since they believed their own propaganda about all anti-war demonstrators being liberal pacifists who respect “free speech” rights, and their instigation at the 2nd Bush inaguration, did not go as well for the PWs as the 2004 RNC where they had better police protection (and were able to kick a person restrained by law enforcement), resulted in a whooping that was effectively the end of the “Warriors”, whose purpose seemed to be to make sure no one said anything bad about Dubya.

The Youth for Western Civilization are also in the sights of anarchists, who have already disrupted several (1)of their events at UNC (photos). Nativist former-politician, Tom Tancredo, who is the group’s national chairman, was run off by anti-fascist students and elected xenophobe, Virgil Goode, was only able to speak as result of police repression against dissenting students, resulting in arrests. Despite the increase in violent rhetoric that accompanies the election of Democratic presidents in the US, being exacerbated by the fact that  Obama’s father was Kenyan, the liberal students are still enabling and encouraging these hate groups by insisting that neo-nazis deserve “free speech”.  The UNC administration even apologized for their inability to ensure that Tancredo could spew his racist nonsense.

“I feel very embarrassed about how the student body went about doing this,” Lopez said. “It got completely out of control.”

We need more students like those at UNC, who refuse to share their campus with the likes of Tancredo. Whether the fascists wear tailored suits or swastika armbands, their hatred has no place in this world, and we will continue to deal with this threat. If you wish to help, contact your local anti-racist or anti-fascist group.