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Pittsburgh Grassroots Examiner: Aquitted Pittsburgh neo-nazi who killed girlfriend back behind bars

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Pittsburgh Grassroots Examiner: La Idea social center in Chile facing repression; requests for int’l solidarity

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Two-Hundred and 77 Street Fights is a blog written by a real comrade and little brother of mine, who was in Greece for the rupture late last year and has returned. The author states pretty clearly in the first post, that he is just sharing his personal experiences, in his own voice, with friends and other anarchists and it’s not an attempt to enlighten the world or serve as last word on insurrectionary anarchist theory, but this wasn’t good enough for the Bill Cosby/marketing/PR anarchist tendency (who will be addressed in depth in the not so distant future) who wasted no time in whining.

Part of it is a genuine, misguided belief that by acting as boring and WASPy and middle-class as possible, the media and the mythic proletariat will embrace anarchism. This seems also to include a backlash against any references to hip-hop culture, by anarchists. The contemporary, rigid,  anarchist subculture may be hesitant to embrace anything that is not the “official” music/lifestyle of this subculture which is explicitly punk rock/folk punk. As bad as it sounds, it’s not unusual for young people to protect their subcultural hegemony, as consumer identities currently define the individual. I fear that some of criticism of hip-hop  by a minute percentage of anarchists is the same kind of crypto-racism that people like Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh and the tea party types seem to be so fond of. Or maybe it’s part of the price of a middle class upbringing?

I guess I know that I am old and uncool, and lack a dog in the musical fight, so I don’t really care which cultural products anarchists consume?